We have the answer to the question, “What’s new?”. The answer at Pine Decals is “All kinds of things.”. Design does more than attract buyers, design sells. Each season we produce new design collections that are trendy and compliment the apparel market so that our products fit in well with your retail strategy.

Our approach is also about choices. We offer a mixture of new concepts along side tried and true designs. That way, no matter if your store is more conservative or cutting edge trendy, we will have something that fits the look and feel of your store.

For us, design is not just about artwork. Product design is just as important. That’s why our approach to new product development is always done with merchandising in mind. Because a great product that is not merchandised properly will not sell.

Design is also about the buying process. We strive to create buying programs that fit your needs for your store, no matter the size. Whether you are a store at a major university who needs an in-stock on-demand approach or a junior college that is concerned about high minimums. We have buying programs to address your needs.

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